Tuesday, 20 September 2016


My speech is about selfies and how they are dangerous when people  take them too far to impress their friends. I was learning how to structure my speech, for example, I started with a rhetorical question and I was using language devices. I was using imperatives by saying “imagine this” and I was using power of three by saying “annoying rude and dangerous”. It went really well because I learnt new language devices and what rhetorical questions were. It went well  because I delivered my speech well and I used expression. Overall I think My writing is multistructural.

Click Here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Do you ever notice people taking selfies in annoying, rude and dangerous places?  Like when they are driving or in a fancy restaurant. I wouldn't dare to take a selfie in a fancy restaurant, when people are trying to socialise and have a good time with their friends, how rude. What about the roof of a very tall building, Dangerous. Sounds a bit over the top to be honest.  
On the footpath! That annoys me so much, how they block the walkway. Did you know people have been seriously injured from taking selfies and walking into things, in front of cars, off cliffs and just doing stupid, dangerous stuff.
We need to stop this because this can cause other people to get angry, annoyed… And even result in your own death! People are trying too hard to impress their friends by taking selfies, and people are taking them in annoying, rude and dangerous places.

Are these selfies taking over the world? I mean, everyone is taking selfies now. And when people add all the different filters and different shades of blue and black trying to look perfect, it's just fake.
If people want to take a (natural) photo, without a filter they will probably still spend about 10 minutes just trying to get the perfect angle and lighting so they look good for their friends to see.

So you're walking down the street and you look out of the window, you say “that is a wonderful piece of art, I need to take a selfie in front of it” so you jump out of the car and 321 selfies taken. “Oh, it's not perfect” you complain. I need to take it again. So then we fast forward a few minutes. “ I finally take the perfect selfie”.  How ridiculous is that! Get a life right.

Now the next thing I want to talk about, is that it isn't always selfies, but taking photos of food in fancy restaurants is also annoying. When everyone is talking, gossiping and socialising and you pull out your phone to take a photo of your food then you're not engaging with the people you're with. Then you post it to Instagram or Facebook and you make out as if your life is amazing and better than everyone else's.

Why do people do that? Do they really think I care about what they had for lunch? I don't!

Sometimes Selfies with lots of filters can be a sign of insecurity. For example. If you take a photo and you can see a pimple, lots of people will put a filter on it to try hide the pimple. And I know when you send me a selfie on snapchat of you with butterflies or flowers on your head I know it's not really what you look like! I don't think people need to add filters all the time.

I want you to know that some selfies are ok. But please don't be a try hard. You don't want to take them all the time because that is weird.

Here’s how we can stop this.

1 we can stop taking so many selfies (not on top roofs especially),

2 don't go over the top with the filters

and last but not least, no dangerous selfies!

You know what my favourite type of selfie is?

A group selfie…


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