Thursday, 14 April 2016

Multi media artwork

Art reflection
This term I have been learning to make Sounds that bring out the feeling out of our poems, writing, etc. I created a character description of my little brother and I made a soundscape to match it. My learning was connected with all of the people that learn instruments like guitar because I used guitar in my soundscape.

I achieved my learning goal by using lots of different elements of music. It all connected with my poem too. For example, in my character description of my brother I said that his chunky belly dangles over his waist line, so I used clapping because sound like something slapping on your legs. (Don't worry I'm not being mean he's only 2).

Overall my learning  went pretty well because the sounds in the soundscape all matched and was in time with the beat.

Here is the link to my soundscape connected to my poem below. 


My little brother is tall (for his age), really big and bulky and really funny.
His chunky belly dangles over his waistline. He can dunk a basketball in his little baby hoop. If he has done something wrong, like he wees on the floor, he would try to cover it up with a blanket or a cushion. He gets told that if he eats his dinner, his muscles will get big. He has an attitude which is usually all happy and funny, but if you put one foot in his bad side, he will raise his voice, charge at you like an elephant and worst of all… Try to beat you up.
But sometimes he can be a really funny and cute. And that is my little brother.

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