Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wellbeing action reflection

By teaching some children in Ara Atu athletics I grew my own well-being. 
Helping the kids was really fun. I Connected with them by talking and teaching them. We made stronger relationships between ourselves and the kids. I was active by demonstrating to the kids how to jump over the bar and do a scissor jump.  I gave up my time to help the kids do high jump and discus, it was worth it. Teaching the kids was pretty fun because I got to demonstrate.

I influenced the well-being of the children I coached because the kids were connecting with me by talking.  They asked for help to do something. They were active, jumping over the bar and throwing to their limits. They gave up their learning time to go outside and do athletics. They all noticed each other and tried to learn off each other.  They learned because I taught them tips.

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