Tuesday, 8 December 2015

My special person

My special person

My grandad is the strongest, most inspirational person I know. He's got a shiny, bald head and in the winter he tries to build a clump of hair around the base of his head. He looks really tall, but he is only 6 foot 1. He is really strong and tanned like the colour of a brown paper bag.

He wears bold t-shirts with collars and brown, beige shorts or old blue baggy jeans. 

If you would like to meet up with him, he would say ‘Let's go to a coffee shop and we will talk over what you want to talk about’.  Sometimes he will just go to the coffee shop to read the newspaper.

If me or my brother put a foot wrong then he will let slip a naughty word. The swear word. Usually if we drop a glass or if he hurts himself he will drop the bomb. Now Beau walks around echoing that word, yet he doesn't  even know what it means.

My grandad loves to play rugby league with me and my uncle. People talk about him, but in a good way, because they are amazed about how good he is at league. He is so good that he got picked to trial for the kiwis, and he would have made it into the team if he hadn’t broken his ankle. That's why I find him inspirational. He also teaches me and gives me tips on how to play better.

He likes to hangout in Australia. He goes and lives with my uncles in a small, tall apartment. I'm guessing there is a lot of laughing going on in that little apartment. One of the main reasons he goes there is to watch my uncle play league. The one game he loves to watch and play.

One day I hope I can live a life just as successful as him.

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