Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Vomiting in packnsave

Clean-up On Aisle Seven

Hi everyone This is a story that happened to someone I know.  It's pretty gross so don't think about it too hard or this might happen to you.

Just imagine a normal three year old boy who usually gets picked up from preschool around three/four  o'clock. One day, like every other day, that child got picked up from preschool. He told his mum "Mum I feel sick." The mum ignored him.  She really wanted to get her groceries at the supermarket because there was no food left at home.

As the boy was strolling down the aisles with his mum looking for the fruit, he kept telling his mum he felt sick and wanted to go home.  You know what's going to happen?   The Mum will always say "Yes we can, once we finish, there's not long to go.

Of course Mum, being a chocoholic, was determined to sneak in her weekly supply of chocolate before heading to the checkout.

Because of her chocolate addiction, she wanted to get the boy home but she was desperate for her chocolate. The boy kept going on and on about how sick he felt and the mum didn't want to keep hearing that. So she left the trolley and the boy for a minute or two and ran, without the child knowing where she was going, and grabbed about four or five blocks of chocolate before they both marched to the checkout.

When they were unpacking the food and putting the groceries on the counter, the little boy said "Mum I think I'm gonna be sick."  Mum quickly put her hand over that boys mouth hoping it would be just a little dribble - but no! It was a power chuck!

Next minute the floor was covered in whatever that kid had for lunch, so was the Mum, the counter and even the chocolate bars. The people that worked there started putting the food away. The others were cleaning up. The Mum and boy were so embarrassed - they never wanted to go to that supermarket again.

So maybe if you go shopping at Pac n Save I'd suggest you don't grab the chocolate bars at counter number 7.  

That would have been a funny story.  But it wasn't funny for my mum because she knew that little boy.  Yup, you guessed it, it was me.

Clean up at aisle seven!


  1. Nice writing. It made me laugh. I hope you make more.

  2. Great Story Jett!!!!! Your story is really funny I'm surprised that you didn't get special mention or podium finish can't wait to read more

  3. Brilliant story Jett I like how you desrcibed a power chuck, I can imagine you throwing up, and how you said your mum is a chocolic.