Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bledisloe cup

Bledisloe Cup

I woke up, I started jumping around like crazy because I knew I was about to go to an All Blacks game. I was so excited I couldn't stop asking my uncle when are we going, can we go now? After an hour of that he said alright we can go now - yes it worked!

So we walked to the train station and we hopped on a train to get to another train that took us to the BNZ Stadium.  He said we need to go get some food from the dairy. So we got to the dairy and he said the shop is yours, get five things of your choice. I went and chose a powerade, a toblerone, caramello koalas, a block of chocolate and an ice cream.

We got to the stadium and the All Blacks were warming up and Australia too. The crowd was huge there were sixty seven thousand people.  After about 10 minutes of waiting, finally before my eyes, the ball had been kicked off.  We screamed and cheered but they were too zoned into even hear us.  It was 9 - 12 to the All Blacks, ten minutes to go, oh no New -Zealand  gave away a penalty right in front of the posts, so they chose to take the kick and they got it. In the end it was a draw 12 all.

When we got home to our apartment I jumped into bed and I was out like a light.


  1. I love your story Jett. You must've been hyper when you got to the stadium. I can so imagine you being at an All Blacks Vs Australia Bledisloe cup game. Can't wait to see more of your amazing stories

  2. Great job Jett, you used lots of great Language and humour like the sun was roasting and the ice cream you ate melted all down your face. I can't wait to here more funny stories.

  3. I like it When you say I was out like a light and I woke up and started jumping around like crazy. I watched that game to it was intense.